Chaos Magic from the Self-Help Shelf

The Chaos Protocols: Magical Techniques for Navigating the New Economic Reality. Gordon White, 2010. Llewellyn, 240pp. I picked up this book in Portland along with Peter Carroll's Liber Null, which I reviewed in October. I enjoyed Carroll's breakdown, and especially his voice, thoroughly. The "magic" of magic for me has come with the ritual leader's... Continue Reading →

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Stew (Part 3)

The final part in my Halloween special. Start at part one if it passed you by. Dig in! She ate the rest of the second stock pot and fell asleep again, this time on the downstairs couch. This time, when she woke up, the voices were louder, and she could just hear the sound of furniture knocking... Continue Reading →

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Stew (Part 2)

Part two of three in my Halloween special! If you missed part one, scroll down or click here. For those of you sucked in, thanks so much for your reads and support. Enjoy!   And then, unmistakably, a spiny ridged back broke the surface, curling itself along the edge of the pot, before sinking under... Continue Reading →

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My first foray into short fiction. I'll be posting this story in three parts each day leading up to Halloween - it wasn't meant for the season, but I'll use use the serendipity of the moment. Boo.   Dinner was ugly. “Mongolian 19-Spice Stew,” her mother said, stirring the pot without turning her face up... Continue Reading →

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Book Report! (June 2018)

Writing my own words seems like an intransigent problem to me recently. They refuse to come, even in conversation, I'm unable to tell a story or a joke, the plot points dissolve on me, the narrative is cloudy. I'm having trouble making my own world feel like a coherent whole, and the lives of my... Continue Reading →

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My House

My house stopped smoking a little too late in life. She still has a raspy old smoker's laugh. My house practices voodoo but doesn't really believe in the stuff. My house had three kids by the age of 21 and one of them isn't speaking with her. My house drinks Smirnoff and smokes weed on... Continue Reading →

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When they misgendered you at your memorial.

Let's Queer Things Up!

There were drains hanging from my chest when I made the first phone call. Not even two days before, I was under the knife, having a surgeon — an artist — remake my chest. These are scars that you will never see.

“Hey,” I say softly into the phone. “I think you should come over. I’ll explain when you get here.”

When I hang up, I straighten my spine and I slap myself across the cheek. Our friends are coming over, and I remind myself that I can’t crumble, not now. I’ve never had to disclose that someone is dying, to shatter the world as they knew it with a single sentence. I guess because I was the one that was usually on the brink of death.

This was not the thunder I wanted stolen from me.

There’s a knock on my door, and the words are falling out…

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Court Jesters, Norm MacDonald, & Imaginary Castles

The kind of thing I aspire to write when I’m mulling over the world, but tend to stumble over. If this gets Norm one more fan, I’m all for it.

Daniel Douglas' Blog



     In just about every time and place in human history, those who are in positions of power regard eccentric behavior with suspicion. Especially eccentric behavior that contravenes or even simply ignores the dictates of the ruling order. Of course not every society is totalitarian. Some are more lenient than others. But every civilization, from the tiniest groupings of tents to the largest empires, have standards by which they define themselves, which holds the group accountable. The question of who sets those standards is profound enough for an entire book and can hardly be addressed in a single blog post. But underneath just about every form of government is the premise that a productive and orderly society necessitates an imbalance of power. Sometimes through conquest and the propagation of a royal bloodline. Sometimes from a person who wins a majority of votes. But in any case…

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